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Behavioral aspects of Saudi dates Market

Knowing how and when Saudi dates prices fluctuate can drive your success in trading these products.

Understanding that, your business will stay ahead of your competitor.

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Price prediction of the Saudi dates

No one can speculate or have advance information about the amount of date harvests neither farmers nor local traders. The amount on hand will be known immediately after the harvest season. Dates are summer fruits and the peak season is July to August.

The exact harvest time depends on the type of the dates. After the annual crop season, the dates price will be known in the market. However the price is fluctuating during and after the season due to several factors such as plenttful times, scarcity time and storage. So. we help you finance wisely with our specialist purchase advisory.

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Saudi Arabia has a significant date palm cultivation industry, with a wide variety of data grown within the country. The major date-producing regions in Saudi Arabia are Al-Qassim, Al-Madinah Al- Munawwarah, Al-Ahsa, and Hail. 

Saudi Arabia exports dates to a lot of countries around the world, like neighbouring Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries including the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asian countries, particularly India. Export destinations can change depending on other factors like trade agreements and market preferences of the countries involved.

According to the General Authority for Statistics of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia produces and exports over 300 types of dates, and the total export volume of dates from the country was approximately 126 thousand metric tons in 2020. And in updated statistics showing the increased exports of dates from Saudi Arabia, according to the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, Saudi date exports increased by 5.4% in 2022 compared to 2021, totalling more than 1 billion SR in revenue and quantities of the production of dates has exceeded 1.54 million tons annually.

As one of the major exporters of Arabian dates in bulk in Saudi Arabia, we grow, pack and export high-quality fresh and dried Arabian dates in bulk. We have a proven reputation for consistently delivering the highest Arabian date quality as well as exceptional customer service and dependability, thanks to a potent blend of ancient knowledge and modern technology. With our passion, innovation, and laser focus on product and service quality, we have grown significantly in recent years and are currently hoping to expand even further.

Our goal with premium quality Arabian dates in bulk is to meet and exceed customer expectations. We are dedicated to providing our clients with solutions to their needs related to dates. We are here to assist you and provide you with the best Arabian dates based on your specific requirements. We have committed to obtaining the necessary quality marks in order to provide the best dates in terms of health and production to regional and international markets around the world.

Arabian Dates in Bulk has expanded its customer base by offering a diverse range of Arabian Dates products. We can deliver in bulk and wholesale dry dates upon request.

Our Products:

  • Ajwa Khajoor
  • Mabroom dates
  • Amber dates
  • Khudri dates
  • Kholas dates
  • Sukkari dates
  • Rashodi dates
  • Sagai dates
  • Dry dates
  • Safawi dates
  • Medjool dates

We are very proud of our entire team, from harvesting and production to sanitation and maintenance to marketing and sales. We as a family-owned business believe in upholding our values and never settle for anything less than the best in the quality of the bulk dates that reach our customers.

When compared to our competitors, we believe in continuous development and guarantee that we deliver the highest quality Arabian dates to our customers.

What is the price of dates in Saudi Arabia?

The Average price of dates in Saudi Arabia During the Season ( August to September ) is 1$ to 10$per kg depending on Date (Khajoor) type.