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Sagai dates have a golden appearance and a harmonious fusion of sweetness with nutty undertones. These exceptional dates, when added to other dishes, elevate both sweet and savory culinary creations due to their tender and chewy texture. Sagai dates are a culinary treasure, with a flavour so exquisite, that it adds opulence to any dish.


Ajwa khajoor is well known for its distinctive softness and rich flavor. These dark brown, oval-shaped fruits are frequently consumed as a natural energy booster and a nutritious snack due to their great nutritional value. Ajwa dates are a delicacy that is loved all over the Muslim world due to their distinctive flavor and value in Islamic traditions.


Khudri dates with their brown hue and a delightfully subtle sweetness are a great treat. These dates are a flexible addition to both sweet and savory recipes thanks to their firm yet tender texture. Khudri Dates are popular for their rich flavor profile and are often used in baking and are eaten raw as well.


Mabroom dates, which originated in the Middle East, have a distinctive elongated shape, a deep brown hue, and a unique flavor. These delectable treats have a soft and chewy texture that makes them a great standalone snack and a natural sweetener in other recipes.


Sukkari dates, also known as Sukkari Rutab, are a popular date variety known for their rich, caramel-like flavor and golden-brown color. These dates are hailed for their soft and chewy texture and are mostly consumed as a natural sweetener, in desserts, smoothies etc. Their richness in fiber and nutritional benefits have made them a favorite date all over the world.